Friday, July 18, 2014

Nashik & Sula Delight

When you are all-tired from work and a friend invites you to her place (that happens to be in another city) whooaa.. that's a treat. Well I went there without any expectation and because of the only fact that my friend went there after marriage. But when my train arrived and to my delight it was raining. My delight didn't end here. The place is absolute beauty with its greenery. 

 Farmer ploughing his field

The major part of farming include vineyard that gave me a thrill of going to Sula for wine tasting.


But to my disappointment when we reached there they are closed with wine tasting. So I added this in my wish list (Wine Tasting - Sula). But this disappointment didn't stop me from tasting the beauty of Sula Vineyards. 

Beauty of Sula Vineyards

The love at first sight with the place had already taken place. And now only the longing and that itchy feeling... When I can go back? Next time I'll stay there for at least 2 days is the promise I'd already done to the place.

Sula Vineyards



  1. Nice place. I would also like to taste some wine.