Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Agra - The Taj City

Few days back I was in a frustration that I don't go anywhere on a trip to see new things, to eat new cuisine and be in an entirely new place. Then I decided to write a blog and jot down the outings or trips I did in last 3 years.

So far I'd written 2 articles and I am surprised when I opened my ignored photography folders that I had done decent number of trips (about which I'll write gradually) and this no doubt lowered the certain amount of frustration.. 

Agra is not far from Delhi. Easily a one day trip can be planned. In fact the time is lessened when few year ago they opened Yamuna Express Highway.

 Yamuna Express Highway

I went with a group of friends and finally we saw that white beauty. It is an exquisite architecture.

And we also went across the Yamuna River to catch a different look of Taj. I liked this view more or because of the sky I preferred this view, as after few minutes it started raining and we have to take shelter nearby. But it surely dramatized the sky and gave me a nice click.

And it rained all the way when we were going back.

Yamuna Express Highway - Toll Bridge

I am bit more happy today as I recalled one more trip though a short one, today..


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